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Compliance Month 2023

About the Company

FURUKAWA ELECTRIC AUTOPARTS PHILIPPINES (FEAP), INC. is a multinational manufacturing Company that was wholly owned by Furukawa Electric Co. (FEC), Ltd., of Tokyo, Japan. FEC is a well-known manufacturer of steering roll connector (SRC) for car air bag system that has acquired a significant 35% share of the international market.

The Philippines is situated in a strategic location making it conductive to trade. With the constant encouragements from Japan by Toyota Motor Corporation and Tokai Rika Co. Ltd., an internationally known car parts producer, FEC was prompted to establish a subsidiary plant in the Philippines.

In November 1997, Mssrs. Kunihiro Naito and Junichiro Tanaka, both FEC, started carrying out the coordination and documentation on all requisites of the Philippine government so that a subsidiary plant could officially conduct business operation in the country. It was organized with Mr. K. Naito appointed to the post of President and Mr. Hisashi Namikawa as the Factory General Manager.


We are committed in upholding the needs of our stakeholders:
Customers - bring delight and satisfaction;
Employee - nurture our human resources and enhance their quality of life;
Society and Environment - live up the expectations of society and responsibly utilize and replenish our environmental resources;
Supplier - maintain professional partnership, eliminating conflict of interest

FEAP 2020 Vision

» Increase share of SRC and new product BSS
» Provide amazing discovery to the customer with beautiful, simple and robust production process
» Create a workplace with happier, dynamic, more satistied and engaged employees

FEAP Work Values

Technological Excellence

» We are aware that there is still so much to explore so we continually seek enhancement of our skills and knowledge and improve further our technology in order to produce products competitive to world-class standards.

Team Work and Cooperation

» We believe that the best results are obtained when we stay united and committed to work togethere for the Company. Thus, we strive to work in harmony never allowing our personal desires or ambitions to disrupt our smooth operation.

Our Products

Steering Roll Connector
Battery State Sensor